Due to the recent wildfires and extreme weather, we are experiencing many service outages.  We are working diligently to restore power to many of our transmission point.  Your patience is appreciated.


TV Channels for $40 a Year!
This is by far the most affordable TV for Okanogan County residents.  If you live in the District’s service area, you have access to 9 major network TV channels including 4 PBS channels, plus radio stations as well (see the Services page for a list.)  All you need is a television and an inexpensive antenna - no monthly cable or satellite bills. 

Who We Are
Television Reception District #1 of Okanogan County is a taxing district of Okanogan County, a governmental entity with the purpose of maintaining affordable television on public airwaves in our community.  Our operations are funded by an excise tax assessed on properties in our service area.  For 2018 the annual tax is $40, unchanged from the 2017 assessment.  This pays for broadcasting site leases and the equipment, power, and staff needed to keep it all in operation.

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This website is maintained for 2 main purposes:

  • To assist TV District 1 residents who want to watch on-air TV
  • to help readers understand what the TV District is and what it means to county landowners and residents.

Board of Directors

Chair - Victoria Velategui
Member - George Thornton
Member - Bill Black
Member - Ernie Rasmussen


The Board of Directors is diligently pursuing options to restore, sustain, and enhance the services provided to our region. As agreements are successfully negotiated, additional information will be publicly communicated. To help fund these efforts, your continued support is requested.It is natural to hesitate to pay for a service viewed as subpar; however, we are seeking your patience during this transitional period. Payment of your assessment may be received anytime throughout 2019 as progress continues strengthening and improving the service provided.

If you choose, exemption options are available. See the back side of the Assessment statement or the Exemption tab on the TV District 1website, tvdistrict1.org, for additional information.

Our board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 4:00pm in the Okanogan County Child Development Association Conference Room located at 127 N Juniper, Omak.
Meetings are open to the public.


Lisa Olson  - lolson@tvdistrict1.org
509-322-3970 (general inquiries, including billing questions)

Television Reception District #1 of Okanogan County | PO Box 111 | Okanogan, WA  98840