Service Area Map

The District was created more than 45 years ago when all TV signals were analog.  Since that time, the industry has completely transformed and all TV signals are now digital.  One effect of this change is that the signal is not usable in quite as many locations as was the analog signal.  However, the District legal description and map have not been adjusted since the District was formed in 1971.

The district continues working to determine the extent of the District’s signal reach and we may be adding or removing some parcels from the assessment roll.  We are very interested in your feedback about TV reception.  If you would like help determining if there is a usable signal at your location, please call 509.322.0333.


District Map

This is an interactive map of the TV District’s service area.  It is based on the legal description in the 1971 county resolution that created the District.  (The map takes a moment to load.)




Map courtesy of Okanogan County Planning Dept.


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Brewster and Pateros are served by the Methow Valley Communications District.

Bridgeport is served by Chief Joseph Community Services.

Television Reception District #1 of Okanogan County | PO Box 111 | Okanogan, WA  98840